FCC Wheels

About FCC Wheels

BMX Club FCC Wheels  With 130 members we are currently one of the biggest BMX clubs in the Netherlands. Multiple members were part of the National Selection like Harm van Brussel and Jurg Meijer. More recently Ivo van der Putten and Olympic finalist  Raymon van der Biezen. They have helped us designing and building our current track. FCC Wheels members have won National and International Titles as well as Titles in the European Championships and World Championships.

We share our facility with the Scout Movement Jong Nederland and with a Guild association. With this we pursue to bring youth, sport and culture together.

Track data

  • The height of the starting mount is 5 metres and the width is 14 metres
  • The length of the slope is 15 metres. The way to the starting mount is via the slope
  • The track has 4 straights and 3 curved bents
Length till 1st bent 90 metres
2nd stretch with separated challenge and pro-section 85 metres
3rd stretch with rhythm 80 metres
4th stretch till finish 70 metres
Total length of the 3 curved bents 70 metres
Total 395 metres