UEC BMX Erp Poster

UEC Round 3 and 4 2017

Erp and the BMX Club FCC Wheels are very proud to give you a warm welcome at round 3 and 4 of the European Championships of BMX Racing. Our enthusiastic BMX Club celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. We started out in Veghel and we moved to our new location in Erp 5 years ago. The adress of our accommodation is 'de Bolle Akker',  Heesakker 12  Erp. Our BMX Club counts 130 members.

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FCC Wheels

BMX Club FCC Wheels celebrates it's 35th anniversary. With 130 members we are currently one of the biggest clubs in the Netherlands. Multiple members were part of the National Selection like Harm van Brussel and Jurg Meijer. More recently Ivo van der Putten and currently two-time Olympic finalist Raymon van der Biezen. They have helped us designing and building our current track. FCC Wheels members have won National and International Titles as well as Titles in the European Championships and World Championships.

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